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Structural Calculations

​Structural Calculations – Surveyors In London

Structural Calculations Surveyor – This is compulsory if you are making any openings or taking out any walls or loft conversion and more. Full detailed report on beam, connections etc to be submitted to your local building control.
If you have an adjoining property in close vicinity to your development, where a beam is to be inserted,  a Party Wall Agreement may also be necessary.

Structural Calculations

What Are Structural Calculations?

Structural Calculations – A Chartered Structural Engineer or Chartered Civil Engineer can assist with the design of structural elements such as beams (RSJ’s), columns, suspended floors, retaining walls, roof and the foundations, often required for Building Regulation approval.

Crystal E Architects specialise in providing structural calculations for building regulations applications in the UK. We work on residential and commercial projects with architects, builders, and home-owners nationwide; providing a full structural engineering consultancy service

Why Do I Need Structural Calculations?

When you are constructing your new house extension, basement or loft extension, it is important that any beams that are put in are strong enough to hold solid the new property in a safe way and also to prevent any damage from the additional weight the new build brings.

For this reason the structural calculations are paramount to ensure a beam is more than capable of doing the job is intended for i.e. holding up the load that bearing down on it with ease.

Who Prepares Structural Calculations?

It’s essential to employ the services of an qualified, experienced Structural Engineer when you are carrying out a construction project in the home or office to prepare accurate structural calculations. These will be given to the Builder who will be able to purchase the correct size of beams for your project.

When Do I Need Structural Calculations?

  • Structural Calculations  For Double Story Extension
  • Structural Calculations For Single Story Extension
  • Structural Calculations For Side and Rear Extension
  • Structural Calculations For Basement Extension

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