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3D Design For House Plan

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3D Design For House Plans – London – How do you visualise how your finished construction project will look when it is completed?

In order to visualise more easily how a finished construction project will look, the solution is to have 3D design plans prepared, which gives a very accurate picture of your design project and brings your construction plan to life.

Although 3D floor plans aren’t necessarily a requirement for architects’ drawing for planning permission, as they do make it easier for local authorities to see how your house extension or home renovation would look when it is finished. It also makes it easier for any other interested parties, such as neighbours to visualise the look and scale. It could be shared with them by yourself or by your architect or surveyor for a party wall agreement if required, making everything as simple as possible to explain and manage successfully.

The idea behind these is to provide our clients with a clear visualisation of their home in terms of flow, potential furniture location and to give a truer sense of the scale of the space, as compared to the bare dimensions of the 2D floor plan. They also are useful for adding in with your 2D plans when applying for planning permissions, which shows added attention to detail and planning diligence.

It also gives you, as the homeowner, something to help you visualise the future, being easier to see and therefore understand everything.


3D Design For House Plans In London - Crystal Extension Architecture


What Is 3D Design?

3D Design For House Plans refers to 3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics for producing a 3D digital representation of any object or surface. It basically brings 2D, flat ideas to life.

Advantages Offered By 3D Design

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Your design is easy to see and our clients can take virtual tour of their construction projects. You can quickly check whether a new plan is viable or see what small changes to the design would look like.
  • More compelling and satisfying than viewing a 2D drawing. Interestingly, project approval rate in construction planning applications are quicker when a 3D model is used.
  • If required, it is easier to see the impact of corrections and edits on your new design, when 3D design plan modelling is used. This saves time and budget for you, so easily covering the cost of having them prepared.
  • 3D design plans are just much easier for people to understand, whether they be architects, builders, project managers, home owners or neighbours.

When Are 3D Design Plans Useful?

  • 3D Design For House Extension
  • 3D Design For House Renovation
  • 3D Design For Basement Extension
  • 3D Design For Rear Extensions
  • 3D Design For Front Extensions
  • 3D Design For Change of Use

Why Use Crystal EA When You Need 3D Design House Plans?

As well as ensuring quality 3D design planning and construction standards over decades, Crystal Extension Architecture are experts in obtaining planning permissions for construction projects for homes, as well as commercial projects.

Our 3D Design is exceptional, of a high standard and we use this to support your planning application, resulting in high success rates.

So if you have a house extension, home conversion, basement or loft conversion in mind, we will be the perfect partners to make your project vision a reality.

Failure to get planning permission for your design and build can be stressful and disappointing, as well as ruining your schedule for builders, so it makes a lot of senses to consult an experienced architect with quality 3D design expertise like us, who can steer your project to a successful planning application approval.

At Crystal Extension Architecture, we are ready and able to provide this help for you.

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