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Convert Your Garden

Want To Convert Your Garden?

When you are looking for more space in your home, why not check out your garden to see how much space is currently not being well used out there. Your garden is useful on dry, warm days, but how many of those do we have in the UK?

So a home extension can be built into the garden from your current house. Alternatively, you can consider a separate outbuilding such as a “granny flat” or summer house.

Outbuildings are quickly becoming a popular forms of home improvement in the United Kingdom as a result of their numerous benefits including being able to gain more space without the need to move house.

The Convert Your Garden Advantages Are Numerous.

  • Boost the value of your property. Grow your equity
  • Makes your home more sellable if you need to move
  • If you stay, you gain a desirable additional space to use, without the inconvenience and cost of having to move house
  • Makes it easy to invite visitors for BBQ
  • Kids play space
  • Music room

Tea garden and outbuilding

Basement Extension Space Is Very Useful

Extra lounge, Office or Kids play room? What Do You Need?

Many home owners desire more space and prefer not to have to move house to achieve this. Space in the garden? Have you considered a garden outbuilding? They can transform your home into something special. What would you like to use your outbuilding for? Some ideas for you to consider are: An extra lounge, kids play room, office or a TV room?

Converting Your Garden Means More Space

Garden conversions make homes desirable with an outbuilding or a summer house.  Quality garden design and garden landscaping such as patio or decking can turn an overgrown garden space into something attractive and a showpiece for your home.

What Are The Advantages of A Garden Conversion?

A garden conversion is the process of designing and building an outbuilding in your existing home garden. This can be turned into a functional room, typically used as an additional lounge, office space, a gym, storage space or a cinema room. This type of garden conversion will also add to your property valuation, paying for the build almost immediately, if you decided to sell in the future.

Popular Reasons For You To Convert Your Garden

So many choices! But for many, it isn’t a case of whether they should get a garden conversion; it’s what to do with the space once it’s built.

Depending of who else lives in the property with you and what your particular requirements are, the priority will be become known to you.

Just how handy would it be with kids to have a second lounge to have some quiet time to watch your own TV channel or listen to music? How much money could you save if had your own gym instead of paying a membership? How useful for you or the kids would a home office be? Or a cinema room to invite your friends to?

Our survey showed the extra lounge are the most popular option, but every client has their own preferences as to how to use their new garden conversion.

This Is The Process

Design and Build a Basement Extension

Popular Convert Your Garden Uses

Second Lounge 70%
Home Office 55%
Kids Playroom 50%
Gym 45%
Storage 35%

Three Stage Process

Stage One – Planning & Technical Drawings

Stage Two – Construction

Stage Three – Interior Design

Architect Projects
Interior Design

Testimonials From Our Design and Build Clients

John Downes

John Downes

Home Rear Extension

They are very professional and efficient throughout the whole process. They communicate and keep you up to date, provide great advice. I booked in a site visit, a friendly and charming person called Shervin, came over , talked through the procedures involved, offered a reasonable price, and timeframe for the works. They completed the drawings on time and submitted to the council. My building proposal was approved. They next helped with the construction process as well, with building regs. In a nut shell, had a lovely experience with this company, and will highly recommend .

Gaj Jai

Gaj Jai

Home Extension

Amazing company help me do my plans and the construction very very happy with them highly recommended if anyone needs to see their job please give me a shout more than happy to show you guys the job highly recommended

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